Working on the SEO is incredibly important if your website is not on page 1. You can double your customer leads and sales by simply by jumping from page 2 to page 1.

If you are on page 3 and move to the top of Google on average, you will increase your clicks 195 times!

For example, if you are getting 10 clicks per month, you could increase that to 2000 clicks! Investing in SEO will get your website noticed and has the highest ROI for online marketing methods. If you think of SEO as a sport, imagine your competitors are constantly finding ways of staying competitive by improving their techniques, by writing more content, building more links etc. To stay competitive, you must work your site harder, faster, and smarter to win.

If you position yourself at the top of Google, a search will net you over 30% of the clicks without having to pay extra, while your competitors can pay between £3-£30 per click for Google’s AdWords (who will share 15% of clicks between them!)

Simply put, if 1000 people per month search for your service: If you are number 1, on average you will get 312 people click on the first result, 140 on the second and 50 people will click on an advert costing at least £150 to every company paying with the rest clicking on the other results.

Ready to expand your business? Want to dominate your market?

Then you need to have your website in

  1. Pole Position,
  2. Your Google Plus profile in position 2
  3. Facebook in position 3.

You will get over 50% of customers searching for your service for those all important sales conversions!