LeadFocus is the premier digital marketing agency for builders and tradesmen in any part of the United Kingdom. We work with all trades from builders & carpenters to landscapers and quantity surveyors to make sure that your website dominates the market in your location. As SEO experts, we know how important it is to make sure your website not only has a web presence strong enough to generate customers every month, but to also make sure your web presence is stronger than any of your competition in the local and county area.

Why we are the best

What makes us stand out from other digital marketing agencies is that we focus specifically on builders and tradesmen and have proven results for all niches in locations around the United Kingdom. We have built websites that generate over £15,000,000 in potential projects a year. When it comes to building and construction companies, the potential in lead value is much higher than you realise. Our aim is to bring customers to you, not competitors.

We are also the best digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom for any local establishment. Whether you are in the trades, own your own coffee shop or a local accountant in a city, we can make sure that you dominate the industry. We have been working with companies for several years now ensuring that they get to the top as quickly as possible. More importantly, we make sure that they stay on top.

The Perfect Website

The most important aspect for customer experience and maximising conversion rates is to create you the perfect website aesthetically. Designing the site to ensure simplicity, ease of use and the fastest and most effective conversion rates possible, the perfect site is imperative to ensure leads are not just potential projects, but customers.

Dominating SEO

When discussing SEO, the most important aspect is to make sure the optimization does not only increase your profit, but also make sure that your website is the strongest within the area in all aspects. For most businesses, potential customers are found in multiple keywords, so ranking first in as many keywords as possible is the best way to take control of your competition.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the goal for digital marketing, and that is what we specialize in. Making sure that your website is found and is customized to ensure customer satisfaction is important, but as a business owner the most important goal for ROI is generating leads to increase profits. Through local marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and more, this will be the main improvement.

Digital marketing helps your company in a variety of ways. The most prominent way would be the visibility and exposure you would receive. If your business is on the top rank of every related keyword, over time you will be the first and only company customers will contact for a quality project. This is most important for tradesmen, since on average, you would only convert 10% of leads. The more leads that you have the potential to convert, the more profitable you will become.

The visibility that digital marketing can provide could also mean taking over the entire areas industry within the space of a year. Digital marketing techniques such as SEO on-page and off-page optimisation, backlinking and content marketing means that your website could be newly created and jump ranks both in the map pack and organic ranking within the space of a year without having to spend on AdWords if you don’t want to.

How it helps your customers

Effective digital marketing for your company can also help your customers. If you are the best at the service you provide within your area, then ensuring that you can be found on every relevant keyword, map pack, social media and directories ensures that they will always find the best. The map pack is especially important for customers, as a higher percentage contact companies that have a local listing. That is why we ensure to build your local listing to ensure customers can find you wherever they look.

Increasing your sales

The key to digital marketing is quite simply to increase your sales on a month by month basis. You may not be aware, but even in the average city around the United Kingdom, there are around 350 searches for builders and construction companies. Depending on where you are based around the United Kingdom, 250 people are searching for and contacting carpentry companies. No matter what your industry or location, there are more customers than you have yet to engage.

Our goal is to make sure you do not only engage these customers, but you also secure them. The return of investment (ROI) that would be provided from the increase of sales will be astronomical, making it the key driving force towards digital marketing. Without the additional sales and improvement of overall profit for any company, digital marketing as a concept is useless. Luckily, we have proven time and again that you not only receive your investment, but profit increases that would allow you to expand nationwide.

There are six keys to ensure local visibility and increase in customers and sales on a monthly basis.

Map Pack Local Listing

The local listing is very important for all trades and red brick companies. 61% of people find the results on local listings to be the most relevant, while 58% find the same results to be the most trustworthy. The map pack listing almost adds legitimacy to your company, as the customers can confirm through Google that your company exists. They also know you are based near them, making the customer more likely to convert with you.


Backlinks are incredibly important for your website for a few different reasons. Backlinks not only help rank your site both for generic and long-tail keywords, but they are also useful to bring additional traffic through websites that ordinarily wouldn’t find you. For example, if your website is featured on a blog or a newspaper, then customers who were considering a service that is related to your company will likely contact you. This will be helpful for conversion on multiple levels.


Content marketing is a very useful strategy for both the ranking of your website, and marketing services or products. If you have a product that is incredibly special, such as research or developments of the industry that you have caught onto before anyone else, you can take advantage of it for multiple resources. It can help you rank in Google, bring customers through shared content and it could also help with government contracts. Content can also help with conversion if they are looking for said service.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation has become one of the key components of digital marketing and SEO as of June 2018. Google now prioritises mobile-first indexing, making it that much more important to have a mobile responsive website. At the very least, you should have an AMP page for your website to ensure great UX for customers. This will also naturally help your rankings and set your website apart from competitors.


On-page and off-page optimisation and SEO is the most important aspect of digital marketing. SEO ensures that you will reach the top rank of both the local listings and organic ranking, and once you hit that rank you will be spending much less to bring in customers day to day. SEO is important to make sure you receive the highest ROI possible, while spending as little as possible. This will keep you sustainable while significantly increasing your profits.

Paid Adverts

Paid adverts are the sixth component to digital marketing in 2018. While Google AdWords are becoming obsolete, social adverts is starting to become the best paid advert service. Adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites are not only more cost-effective, but they reach a much larger audience. They also meet a targeted demographic, unlocking a whole new market you may not be aware of. Depending on your company and industry, this is a market you need to get into.